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Places to Chat

Biker Ads Discussion/Bulletin Board-Our own board!!
Babe's Biker Forum-from Babe on HD's site.
Biker Boy Online Motorcycle Club-Online motorcycle club with scheduled voice chats & member directory.
Biker Bros Chat Forum
Biker Forum-discuss everything about bikes.
Biker Mania-Lots of discussion groups.
Biker Heaven-lots of different chat categories.
The Ducati Forum
LookSmart Motorcycle Discussion Network-GREAT place for discussions, offers many different motorcycle discussion groups.
Murphy's Law Message Board-for Harley riders.
Robbie Knievel-discussion of daredevils and jumps.
Topcat's World-Beer, women, choppers, etc.
Virtual Biker's Forum-Mostly Harley bikers, no censorship here.
Wild Boomer's Roadhouse Message Board

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