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Want to submit your banner for our free banner exchange? Just send us your banner URL (must be 468x60) and copy the code below and put it anywhere on your home page. (Again, email us your banner's URL - where it is stored on YOUR OWN website. We cannot upload all the banners to our own disk space so please DO NOT EMAIL US YOUR BANNER ATTACHMENT.) After seeing it is on your site, we will put your banner into the rotation. You get an unlimited number of banner impressions and you can check your stats to see how well your banner is working for you. Our banner exchange is DIFFERENT from all the others. It doesn't matter how many times your site is viewed, your banner still gets rotated within the banner exchange! None of this "you show our banner 2 times, we will give you 1 impression"- that doesn't matter! And, not only will your banner be viewed on the other member's sites, but the banner exchange is shown on every one of our Biker Ads directory pages at the top, where everyone can see it!

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Motorcycle Banner Exchange System
Motorcycle Banner Exchange System